April Fool joke in 2006

On 1st of April 2006 I sent a message to MESEMBS list:

Subject:One more new Lithops species found!
Date:Sat, 01 Apr 2006 11:54:28 +0700

Scientific expedition of Central Siberian Botanic Garden discovered a new Lithops species in Amazonian jungles.

New species is named L. desmondii (after Desmond Llewelyn). It has large white flowers, green bodies and develops new heads often -- many plants have more than 200 heads.

Seeds will be available next year for Mesemb Study Group members only.

Didge Rowe supported my joke and wrote:

… this is also the only carnivorous mesemb ever discovered. It exudes a chemical that attracts tiny nematode worms that are then killed by another chemical exuded from the mantle of each plant-body. The decaying worms provide essential nutrients that are absorbed by the roots of this fascinating species. …

Even then some people sent me private message asking if it is a joke.

Sure it is!