Mesemb etymology

Acrodon N.E.Br. Gr. acros dot, odus teeth
Aethephyllum N.E.Br. Gr. aither ether, phyllon leaf; perhaps, it is about “ethereal beauty” of leafs
Aloinopsis Schwantes Gr.Aloe-like” (because some original species, now moved to Nananthus, resemble Aloe)
Antegibbaeum Schwantes ex C. Weber Lat. “pre-Gibbaeum”, “ancient Gibbaeum
Antimima N.E.Br. emend. Dehn Gr. antimimos imitating (type species Antimima dualis resembles Argyroderma)
Apatesia N.E.Br. Gr. apatesis deception (plant looks like Hymenogyne)
Aptenia N.E.Br. Gr. apten wingless (valves of capsule)
Arenifera Herre Lat. arena sand, ferre carry
Argyroderma N.E.Br. Gr. argyros silver, derma skin
Aspazoma N.E.Br. Gr. aspazomai to clasp (leaf sheath clasps stem)
Astridia Dinter after Astrid Schwantes, wife of G. Schwantes
Bergeranthus Schwantesafter botanist Alwin Berger, Stuttgart, Germany
Bijlia N.E.Br.after Mrs. Debora van der Bijl
Braunsia Schwantes after Dr. Hans Brauns, RSA
Brownanthus Schwantes after great English botanist Dr. N.E. Brown
Calamophyllum Schwantes Gr. calamus reed, phyllon leaf
Carpanthea N.E.Br. Gr. carpos fruit, anthe flower
Carpobrotus N.E.Br. Gr. carpos fruit, brota edible thing
Carruanthus (Schwantes) Schwantes after Karoo desert
Caryotophora O. Leistner Gr. karyotos nut, phorein to carry
Cephalophyllum N.E.Br. Gr. kephale head, phyllon leaf
Cerochlamys N.E.Br. Gr. keros wax, chlamis mantle (wax coating of leafs)
Chasmatophyllum N.E.Br. Gr. chasma open mouth, phyllon leaf
Cheiridopsis N.E.Br. Gr. cheiris sleeve, opsis like
Circandra N.E.Br. Gr. kirkos circle, andros male (anthers are arranged in a ring)
Conicosia N.E.Br. Gr. konikos cone-shaped (capsule)
Conophytum N.E.Br. Gr. konikos cone, phyton plant
Corpuscularia Schwantes Lat. corpus body, particle; “group of particles”
Cylindrophyllum Schwantes Gr. kylindros cylinder, phyllon leaf
Dactylopsis N.E.Br. Gr. dactylos finger, opsis like
Deilanthe N.E.Br. Gr. deile evening, anthe flower
Delosperma N.E.Br. Gr. delos visible, sperma seed (structure of capsule)
Dicrocaulon N.E.Br. Gr. dicros branch, caulon stem
Didymaotus N.E.Br. Gr. didymos double, aotus flower
Dinteranthus Schwantes after Prof. K. Dinter, Germany
Diplosoma Schwantes Gr. diplos double, soma body
Disphyma N.E.Br. Gr. dis- two, phyma tubercule (capsule structure)
Dorotheanthus Schwantes Lat. “flower of Dorothea” (after mother of G. Schwantes)
Dracophilus (Schwantes) Dinter et Schwantes Gr. draco dragon, philos friend; after Drakenfels (“Dragon's rock”) in Namibia
*Drosanthemopsis Rauschert Gr. like Drosanthemum
Drosanthemum Schwantes Gr. drosos dew, anthemon flower
Eberlanzia Schwantes after F. Eberlanz, Namibia
Ebracteola Dinter et Schwantes Lat. bracteola bract, ebracteola without bract
Ectotropis N.E.Br. Gr. ectos outside, tropis keel (structure of capsule)
Enarganthe N.E.Br. Gr. enarges shining, anthe flower
Erepsia N.E.Br. Gr. erepsis the cover (flower structure)
Faucaria Schwantes Lat. faux jaw (fauces jaws) “group of jaws”
Fenestraria N.E.Br. Lat. fenestra window, “group of windows”
Frithia N.E.Br. after Frank Frith, RSA
Gibbaeum N.E.Br. Gk. gibba hump
Glottiphyllum N.E.Br. Gr. glottis tongue, phyllon leaf
Hallianthus H.E.K. Hartmann after Harry Hall, Kristenbosch, gardener and field botanist
Hammeria P. Burgoyne after Steven Hammer, USA
Hereroa (Schwantes) Dinter et Schwantes after Herero, South Africa natives
Hymenogyne Haw. Gr. hymen skin, gyne wife
Jacobsenia L. Bolus et Schwantes after German botanist H. Jacobsen, Kiel Botanic Garden
Jensenobotrya Herre after Emil Jensen, and Gr. botrya bunch of grapes
Juttadinteria Schwantes after Jutta Dinter, wife of K. Dinter
Khadia N.E.Br. khadi — beverage prepared from roots of the plants by natives of Transvaal
Lampranthus N.E.Br. Gr. lampros bright, anthos flower
Lapidaria (Dinter et Schwantes) Schwantes ex N.E.Br. Lat. lapis stone, “group of stones”
Leipoldtia L. Bolus after Dr. C.L. Leipoldt
Lithops N.E.Br. Gr. lithos stone, opsis like
Machairophyllum Schwantes Gr. machaira sabre, phyllon leaf
Malephora N.E.Br. Gr. male arm-hole, phorein to bear
Marlothistella Schwantes after Rudolph Marloth
Mesembryanthemum L. Gr. mes- middle, embry- embryo, anthemum flower
Mestoklema N.E.Br. ex Glen Gr. mestos full, klema small branch (plants branch often)
Meyerophytum Schwantes after Rev. G. Meyer, RSA
Mitrophyllum Schwantes Gr. mitra bishop's cap, phyllon leaf
Monilaria (Schwantes) Schwantes Lat. monile string of pearls
Mossia N.E.Br. after K.E. Moss
Muiria N.E.Br. after Dr. John Muir, plant collector, RSA
Namaquanthus L. Bolus after Namaqualand
Namibia Dinter et Schwantes ex Schwantes after Namib desert (country Namibia appeared long after publishing the genus)
Nananthus N.E.Br. Gr. nanos dwarf, anthos flower
Nelia Schwantes after Prof. G.C. Nel, Stellenbosch University, RSA
Neohenricia L. Bolus after Dr. M. Henrici, RSA
Octopoma N.E.Br. Gr. octo eight, poma lid (capsule structure)
Odontophorus N.E.Br. Gr. odus tooth, phorus bearer
Oophytum N.E.Br. Gr. oon egg, phyton plant
*Ophthalmophyllum Dinter et Schwantes Gr. ophtalmos eye, phyllon leaf
Orthopterum L. Bolus Gr. orthos erect, pteron wing (structure of capsule)
Oscularia Schwantes Lat. osculum little mouth, “collection of little mouths”
Ottosonderia L. Bolus after Otto Sonder, botanist of Kew Gerbarium, London
Peersia L. Bolus after W.S. Peers, RSA
Phyllobolus N.E.Br. Gr. phyllon leaf, bolos dying
Pleiospilos N.E.Br. Gr. pleios many, spilos dots
Polymita N.E.Br. Gr. poly many, mitos threads (structure of flower)
Prenia N.E.Br. Gr. prenes prostrate (growing habit)
Prepodesma N.E.Br. Gr. prepo shimmering, desme bundle (flower has bright stamens)
Psammophora Schwantes Gr. psammos sand, phorus to carry
Psilocaulon N.E.Br. Gr. psilos bare, kaulon stem
Rabiea N.E.Br. after W.A. Rabie, RSA
Rhinephyllum N.E.Br. Gr. rhine file, phyllon leaf
Rhombophyllum Schwantes Gr. rhombos lozenge, phyllon leaf
Ruschia Schwantes after Ernst Rusch, Namibia
Ruschianthemum Friedrich after Ernst Rusch Jr., Namibia
Ruschianthus L. Bolus after Ernst Rusch Jr., Namibia
Saphesia N.E.Br. Gr. saphes distinct (capsule)
Sceletium N.E.Br. Lat. sceletus sceleton
Schlechteranthus Schwantes after M. Schlechter, RSA
Schwantesia Dinter non L. Bolus after German botanist G. Schwantes
Scopelogena L. Bolus Gr. scopelos rock, genos offspring
Skiatophytum L. Bolus Gr. skias shade, phyton plant
Smicrostigma N.E.Br. Gr. smicros little, stigma stigma
*Sphalmanthus N.E.Br. Gr. sphalma error, anthos flower
Stayneria L. Bolus W.F. Stayner, curator of Karoo Botanic Garden, Worcester
Stoeberia Dinter et Schwantes after E. Stöber, Namibia
Stomatium Schwantes Gr. stoma mouth
Synaptophyllum N.E.Br. Gr. synaptos gnarled, phyllon leaf
Tanquana H.E.K Hartmann after Tanqua Karoo
Titanopsis Schwantes Gr. titanos chalk, opsis like
Trichodiadema Schwantes Gr. trix hair, diadema crown (top of a leaf has bundle of hairs)
Vanheerdea L. Bolus ex H.E.K. Hartmann after P. van Heerde
Vanzijlia L. Bolus after Dorothy van Zijl
Vlokia S.A. Hammer after Jan Vlok
Wooleya L. Bolus after Major Wooley
Zeuktophyllum N.E.Br. Gr. zeuktos connected, phyllon leaf


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