MSG Bulletin 21(2) Review

This is a first issue of the bulletin I received. Every day I expected a postman. Ironically, postman came when I left my flat for two hours, and I found large envelope in my door.

Cover is pictured by Joyce Cocozza′s drawing of Psammophora longifolia. It so pity that I failed to raise it from seed. However, I have some more seeds and later I will try more :)

First article is Steven Hammer′s notes about seven photos by Peter Arthurs taken near Leeupoort and Areb during their travel: “Seven by Peter Arthurs — Accompanying Notes by Steven Hammer”. Interesting photos, interesting comments :)

Desmond and Naureen Coles submitted three articles to this issue. First article is “Lithoparian recollections-3” by Desmond and Naureen. I haven′t read first two parts, alas.

Second article is “South West Safari, Easter 1971” by Naureen Cole. She is good story-teller with sense of humor :)

And third article is “On the Naming of Lithops hermetica” by Desmond T. Cole. He cites correspondence to and from Steven Hammer. Most of you know that the species is named after “hermetically sealed” Protected Diamond Area, but do you know that it is quote from Dinter′s description of Sperrgebiet? Desmond also mentions a mistake in his last book. Which mistake? Go read the bulletin! :)

Between Naureen′s and Desmond′s articles there are three articles by Andrew Young, mostly about conophytums. First is “Red Cultivar and Their Names” — about … red cultivar and their names. He writes about biological aspects of red plants.

Second article is short note about photo of three-lobed flowering Conophytum turrigerum. Despite three lobes, the plant has very interesting feature: hairy fissure. The article is “Three Lobes are Better than Two and a Hairy C. turrigerum”. He asks “how common are such hairs and are they are restricted to selected species or sections”. Partial answer can be found in first article “Seven by Peter Arthurs …”.

And last Andrew′s article is “More orange conophytums”, again with photos.

Keith Green publishes two new Lithops cultivars in same-named article. It just gives formal names to known plants (L. aucampiae var. aucampiae 'Firebrandt' (*'Rudisheim Ruby', *'Ruborbrunneus') and L. bromfieldii var. glaudinae 'Embers' (*'Rubroroseus).

Lindsey Deaves submitted an excellent articles about Stomatium. I will comment it as “must read”!

Rob Stevenson′s article “Looking at your plant” tells interesting story about overlooked white-flowered L. lesliei in his greenhouse.

MSG research grant are awarded to Desmond T. Cole (it is first time when he receives some support!!!) for his Lithops research, and Cornelia Klak who researches Lampranthus.

Alan Opsis′ note attracts our attention to Felis domesticus var. denudatus as mesemb pollinator—an ecological link was never spotted before. Thought-provoking article.

Letter from David Blythe in “Readers corner” advocates “acf” term by Desmond Cole. Andrew Young also mentions this term in his first articles, but negatively. It was recently discussed in MESEMBS group too, so I will not comment more.