“Living Stones but not only” exhibition, Omsk, Russia

Press release

The specialized exhibition of succulent plants of family Aizoaceae is organized by Omsk cacti and succulents society Aztekium and Youth Ecological-Biological Center.

There will be as popular in collections species of genus Lithops (with rare cultivars) as member of genera Aloinopsis, Conophytum, Cheiridopsis, Dinteranthus, Faucaria, Fenestraria, Frithia, Gibbaeum, Ophtalmophyllum, Titanopsis etc.

First time in Omsk there will be presented plants rare in Russian collection, such as Bijlia, Dracophilus, Jensenobotrya, Juttadinteria, Namibia, Neohenricia, Rhinephyllum, Stomatium, Tanquana, Vanheerdea and other genera.

Both simple and difficult plants are presented. Besides exposition, there is photo exhibition and materials on growing. There is a sale at exhibition is organized (exhibited plants are not for sale).

Last year exhibition photo.

The exhibition is opened on September 7th at 14:00.
The exhibition is open from 7th to 14th of September, from 10:00 to 19:00.
Entrance fee is 20 rubles (below 1 USD). Children below 7 enter for free.

Address: Omsk, Marshall Zhukov Street (ул. Маршала Жукова), 109
Phone: (3812) 31-12-33, (3812) 75-49-58
Tram stations «Юнгородок», «Степная».