MSG Bulletin 21(4) Review

First article by Yasuhiko Shimada is publication of two new Lithops cultivars: red a.c.f. L. gesinae var. annae ‘Hanawared’ and green one L. lesliei subsp. lesliei var. venteri ‘Ventergreen’. “Hanavared” is combination of Japan and English words: “hanava” means “annae” and “red” is red :) Article is accompanied with photo of each cultivar.

Terry Smale responds to Andrew Young’s message in 21(2) about orange Conophytum tantillum. Terry thinks that it is a hybrid.

Steven Hammer published three articles at once. First is about hybridization, mostly conophytums’, second one is about taking cuttings and third is about flowering Conophytum mirabile (without photo, alas).

Naureen Cole wrote long—9 pages!—article about travel to Sperrgebiet, or “Diamond Area”, in 1976. I haven't complete reading the article yet :)

Suzanne Mace described MSG exhibition in Barnstead. There are three photos of plants from collection of Peter Bent, but other participants are mentioned too.

Next article from Desmond and Naureen Coles’ recollections. You will learn who is “Pos” van Zyl (Dinteranthus vanzylii etc.) and how Lithops otzeniana ‘Aquamarine’ was discovered.

Alan Opsis discusses linguistical aspects of mesemb growing. Have you ever noticed that ‘Hot Lips’ is anagram of Lithops? And what should we expect from Steven Hammer and Terry Smale?

Last article is by Didge Rowe. He writes on how climate of Africa and America affects size plants that grow there. Main question is “Why tall plants are much rare in South Africa winterfall area than in American deserts?”.