MSG Bulletin 23:3 Review

First article of bulletin is Steven Hammer's reply to Terry Smale's question in 23:2 on usage of field numbers for plants grown from seed in culture. Steven gives some stories how field numbers were handled by Ed Storms, Steven Brack and other.

Next article by Steven is a short message about successful hybrid of Conophytum hammeri and C. burgeri.

Don Smith writes about his field tour in Namibia and South Africa with Tok Schoeman. Article is accompanied with photos of Lithops ruschoirum, L. gracilidelineata, two L. pseudotruncatella subspecies and Tok Schoeman.

In his “Letter to Editress” Steven describes trip to Australia and some conophytum work.

Des and Naureen Coles in their next part of “Lithoparian recollections” describe trip in June–July 1972. L. vallis-mariae, several subspecies of L. pseudotruncatella, L. gracilidelineata, L. ruschiorum, numbered from C238 to C252.

Didge Rowe in “An Amateur's Column” speculates on Turner & Picker's “Thermal Ecology of Embedded Dwarf Succulents” where authors made an attempt to understand how lithops handle African heat.

Suzanne Mace prepared another literature review: article by Cornelia Klak where she suggest instead of creating new species to join genera in Mesembryanthemoideae subfamily into single genus Mesembryanthemum. Suzanne also writes about three articles on mesembs in Bradleya yearbook.

Steven Hammer wrote an article dedicated to memory of Lisabele Iren Hall, wife of Harry Hall, and published new conophytum variety named after her: C. minutum var. lisabeliae. In next short note Steven writes about his discovery: flowers of L. pseudotruncatella var. elisabethiae have same smell as L. gracilidelineata, unlike other subspecies of L. pseudotruncatella.

Lorenzo Stocco from Italy, owner of, wrote again about grafting lithops. He wrote about successful life TODO of lithops grafter 14 years ago that he wrote about exactly 10 years ago in 13:3. Photos are provided.

In last three articles various mesemb growers write about their plants: Bruce Williams sent photos of his glottiphyllum and several lithops. Neil Hutchinson and Bernd Schlösser wrote about flowering of their Pleiospilos nelii ‘Royal Flush’. Bernd also sent photo of his flowering Lithops steineckeana — what a rarity!