MSG Bulletin 23:2 Review

25th anniversary of MSG approaches, and Suzanne Mace suggests an idea for proper celebration of this event: writing collectively new mesemb cultivation book, targeted especially to Northern hemisphere!

Two new Lithops cultivar are published in the issue: Jonathan Clark's ‘Moss Agate’—geyeri and meyeri hybrid, and Lithops terricolor ‘Pinky’ by Keith Green and Bernd Schlösser. Both articles are accompanied with photos.

Harald Jainta compiled list of probably extinct Lithops taxa and short history for each. So, it is not only L. werneri, but also one variety of L. pseudotruncatella and variety of L. schwantesii.

Steven Hammer wrote traditional two articles for this issue: a trick he invented for pollinating unsynchronized plants and news from George Lombard who suffered from a fire. His plants are mostly undamaged, and George himself is recovering.

In 12th part of “Lithoparian recollections” Des & Naureen Cole look for L. deboerii and find other Lithops too (C228-C237). They also found single L. fulleri among L. deboerii and L. verruculosa colony.

Hagen Dreher from Germany reported flowering Mitrophyllum roseum: mitrophyllums so rare flower in Europe! He also made two photos of the buds and flower.

Johan du Toit wrote a guide for wild conophytum hunters, totally nine tips.

Didge Rowe re-raised question of Carbpobrotus research. He provides some info on recent improvements and inquires further information.

Lindsey Deaves shares her own observations on ×Gibbeophyllum ‘Grand Marnieri’. She also discusses possible origin of the plant and provides literature list.

In Readers' corner Les Palmer suggests publishing Keith Green' “Lithops Scrapbooks” published in CactusWorld journals as a separate booklet. Great idea, but the only problem that “Lithops Scrapbooks” were published by other organization.

Terry Smale wrote an article about taxonomy in general and mesemb taxonomy in particular. Obligatory reading for newbies.

In literature review Suzanne Mace writes about second part of “Lithops Scrapbooks” by Keith Green.

Dew to lack of material Suzanne had to publish Obituary of N.E. Brown. Note also that she has no reserve for next bulletin!!!

Another reprinted article is a “Lithops on location” by Keith Green that was published in previous 23:1 issue, but incorrectly. Some more photos are included too.

And last article is second literature review by Suzanne Mace: issue of AIAPS from Monaco dedicated to Lithops (in French), Lithops article in Cactus & Succulent Journal by Dr. Russel Wagner, and New Zealand Cactus & Succulent Journal, where Didge Rowe published article about mesemb cultivation in New Zealand accompanied with photos of his plants.